Replace x Number of String Occurrence with Sed

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awk '/use five-minute-interval/ && ++t>=340{sub("use five-minute-interval","use four-minute-interval")}1' infile

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try this sed command:
sed '/use five-minute-interval/{x;/^.\{339\}$/{x;s/use five-minute-interval/use four-minute-interval/;b};s/^/./;x;}' yourFile

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Hi All, Thanks for all the pointers you have suggested. On the same lines, is it possible to replace the occurrences 20 to 30 of a string in a file, with a new string? Say in file a.cfg, i have 50 occurrence of string "OLD". I wish to replace occurrence 20 to 30 to "NEW". Is this feasible? My thanks in advance. Aravind
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Maybe in vi driven by a script to multiply the searches and substitutes, or emacs.
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