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Old 01-07-2011
Question Boolean expression issues

Hi everybody:

I'm working on a script to send emails with logs attached based on one single rule..."check if the number of errors has increased since the last time the script ran"

Basically what my script does is read from a previous file with the last trace of errors the previous error count, read the main log file to see if more errors has came out since the last time and compare those values. If the current count are greater than the previous one, then collect the logs and send them by email, here is the code:

#Get Previous ErrorCount variable

ERRORCOUNTPREV=`tail -1 /logs/MaxThread.log`

#Set ERRORCOUNT to check_max_tomcat_threads.log for historical record

ERRORCOUNT=`grep -c maxThreads /logs/catalina.out`

     echo $ERRORCOUNT " errors were found on catalina.out on " $DATE " Previous error count was: " $ERRORCOUNTPREV>>$LOGFILE
     case $thehost in

                server01 )

When I run this script this throws me this output:

bash-3.00$ ./check_max_tomcat_threads_UAT.ksh 
./check_max_tomcat_threads_UAT.ksh[29]: [[6:  not found

So my concern here is that '>' is not a valid identifier for boolean expressions, or do I need to fix something else?

Any help will be highly appreciate.

Best Regards

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Old 01-07-2011
The error is in line 29 of your script and is presumably because you need spaces between [[ and "$ERRORCOUNT" (which would be better written as "${ERRORCOUNT}" while you are at it) and also between "$ERRORCOUNTPREV" and ]].

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Old 01-07-2011
Begin by changing this:




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Old 01-07-2011
TonyFullerMalv & radoulov Thank you very much

Now it's working Smilie
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