Split into columns based on the parameter and use & as delimiter

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Old 12-12-2010
Question Split into columns based on the parameter and use & as delimiter

Here is my source, i have million lines like this on a file.
disp0201.php?poc=4060&roc=1&ps=R&ooc=13&mjv=6&mov=5&rel=5&bod=155&oxi=2&omj=5&ozn=1&dav=20&cd=&daz=& drc=&mo=&sid=&lang=EN&loc=JPN

I want to split this into columns in order to load in database, anything starts with"&mjv=6" as first column &rel=5 as second column,&oxi=2 as third column like wise...for entire param list. But all values in parameters may change. So I guess i can use wildcard, but i need to use "&" as delimiter.

Please help me on this

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Post desired output for that line.
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My Source fields are aligned improperly back & forth


In order to do some analysis over the data I need to organize and load in database. My desired output should be like this

poc=4060	&ooc=13	&mjv=6	&omj=5	&mov=5	&ps=R	&rel=5	&bod=155	&oxi=2	&ozn=1	lang=ja	&loc=JPN
poc=42160	&ooc=19	&mjv=7	&omj=5	&mov=5	&ps=B	&rel=5	&bod=155	&oxi=5	&ozn=1	lang=EN	&loc=USA	
poc=4040	&ooc=73	&mjv=6	&omj=5	&mov=7	&ps=R	&rel=5	&bod=126	&oxi=2	&ozn=3	lang=EN	&loc=GBR

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bash code:
  1. #!/bin/bash
  2. while IFS='&' read -a L
  3. do
  4.    for i in ${!L[@]}; do
  5.       eval "${L[$i]}"
  6.    done
  7.    for V in poc ooc mjv omj mov ps rel bod oxi ozn lang loc
  8.    do
  9.       echo -en "$V=${!V}\t"
  10.    done
  11.    echo
  12. done <infile
$ cat infile

poc=4060	ooc=13	mjv=6	omj=5	mov=5	ps=R	rel=5	bod=155	oxi=2	ozn=1	lang=ja	loc=JPN
poc=42160	ooc=19	mjv=7	omj=5	mov=5	ps=B	rel=5	bod=155	oxi=5	ozn=1	lang=EN	loc=USA
poc=4040	ooc=73	mjv=6	omj=5	mov=7	ps=R	rel=5	bod=126	oxi=2	ozn=3	lang=EN	loc=GBR

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Old 12-12-2010
Wow...Simply amazing...If you could explain the syntax that would be great!
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bash code:
  1. while IFS='&' read -a L
  2. # set the field separator to '&' and read the line as an array
  3. # each elemnt of te array corresponds to an axpression between '&'
  4. # L[0]="poc=4060", L[1]="mjv=6", L[2]="mov=5" and so on
  5. # The line is plitted into an array with '&' as separator.
  6. do
  7.    for i in ${!L[@]}; do # for each index in the array
  8.       eval "${L[$i]}" # "evaluate", which means execute the command in the string
  9.    done
  10.    for V in poc ooc mjv omj mov ps rel bod oxi ozn lang loc
  11.    do
  12.       echo -en "$V=${!V}\t" # ${!<variable>} is indirect reference
  13.    done
  14.    echo
  15. done <infile
for i in ${!L[@]}; do
   eval "${L[$i]}"string

could also be done like
for E in ${L[@]}; do   # for each element of the array
   eval "$E"

as we don't need the indexes of the array

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