Implementing MORE,HEAD & TAIL

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Implementing MORE,HEAD & TAIL


in my shell script i want to replace the following commands

1) more
2) head
3) tail

i want to try all type of possible options avaliabul in the above commands

please help in implementing those commands
# 2  
Could U post your shell script and give us a detailed explination of
your problem.

enc :-)
# 3  
i want to implement the equalent commands for above commands my own for that i need help.
# 4  
i want to try all type of possible options avaliabul in the above commands
For all possible options try

man <command name>

i want to implement the equalent commands for above commands my own for that i need help.
Buddy you have to be more detailed about that!
Why would you need equivalent commands ??
# 5  
i want to implement the above 3 commands my own.i did't have interest to use already defined commands.and also i want to include all options avaliabul in actual commands.
# 6  
Unless you actually want to rewrite the commands in C, you'll be hard pushed to get all of the required funcitonality using shell scripts...

You can use a simple " sed -n '1,10p' foofile " to print the first 10 lines of foofile, (thus mimicking "head foofile") but why would you want to reimplement this? (Unless of course, you are trying to further your programming knowledge)

# 7  
I would fully agree with Zazzybob

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