get the fifth line of a text file into a shell script and trim the line to extract a WORD

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting get the fifth line of a text file into a shell script and trim the line to extract a WORD
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Old 12-08-2010
get the fifth line of a text file into a shell script and trim the line to extract a WORD

i have a text file that is generated automatically of an another korn shell script, i want to bring in the fifth line of the text file in to my korn shell script and look for a particular word in the line . Can you all share some thoughts on this one.


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Old 12-08-2010
This will get you the 5th line
sed -n 5p infile

To check for "string" in 5th line:

awk 'NR==5&&/string/ {exit 1}' infile || echo "Found it!"

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Old 12-08-2010
@chubler.....the text file is replaced with new contents every day and i want to check the found word with the 6 type of words i have and if the word is matched with the word , then i want to send it into a variable....
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Old 12-08-2010
word=$( awk 'NR==5 { for(i=1;i<NF;i++)
    if ($i ~ /string1|string2|string3|string4|string5|string6/)
        { print $i; exit }
    }' infile )

Word will be blank or first of your 6 strings found on the 5th line
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