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convert date inside a file

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convert date inside a file

Hi guys

I've got a file with this line inside.


The line always begins with number 100 or number 200, follow the year, the day in the year, the hour, and other stuff

Here, the important fields are, 2, 3 and 4.
-Filed 2 --> year
-Field 3 --> the day of the year (date +%j)
-Filed 4 --> time, can be from 3 or 4 characters. From 0 to 9 AM it has 3 characters, from 10 to 23 it has 4 characters. Example: 910 - 9:10AM, 21:30 - 9:30PM
What I need?

To get the date and time and compare with the real time of the server, and if it differ from 5 min, it sends a mail to root.

I've been 3 days trying to do it without success. Can help me?

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Do u have perl installed in ur machine?
# 3  
Rohon.. not sure now.. but I installe it if I it's needed.. so, go ahead! :-)
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See, perl has inbuilt functions for date and time comparison. So, it would be better to use.

I have written a code for date and time comparison for you. This may help you.


    # Packages to import functions
use Date::DateCalc qw(:all);
use Date::Calc;
use FileHandle;

    # Name of your i/p file
my $inpFile = "yourInp.txt";

    # Open file for reading
open FF, "<$inpFile";
while (<FF>) {
    chomp $_;
    my $timeDiff;

    # Get the server current date and time
    my ( $sec, $min, $hour, $mday, $mon, $year, $wday, $yday, $isdst ) = localtime(time);
    $year += 1900;
    $mon  += 1;

    # Get the current line's date and time
    my ( $cYear, $cYday, $cTime ) = split(/\,/,$_);
    my $hr_s;
    my $min_s;
    if ( $cTime < 1000 ) {
    } else {

    my $startTimeMin=$hr_s*60 + $min_s;
    my $endTimeMin=$hour*60 + $min;

    # Calculate date diff (server date - current line date)
    # and calculate timediff only if it is greater then 0
    my $ydayDiff = $yday - $cYday;
    $timeDiff=$endTimeMin - $startTimeMin if ($ydayDiff > 0);

    # Mail if timediff is greater then 5
    my $cmd = "mailx -s \"subject\"";
    system("$cmd") if ($timeDiff > 5);
close FF;

Revert if any doubtSmilieSmilie
# 5  
Really appreciate Rohon.. I'll test the code ASAP.. will let you know... thanks A LOT!


---------- Post updated at 04:26 PM ---------- Previous update was at 06:10 AM ----------

Hi Rohon.. it worked!! :-) Thanks

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