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Need help! command working ok when executed in command line, but fails when run inside a script!

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Need help! command working ok when executed in command line, but fails when run inside a script!
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Old 12-02-2010
Need help! command working ok when executed in command line, but fails when run inside a script!

Hi everyone,

when executing this command in unix:
echo "WM7 Fatal Alerts:", $(cat query1.txt) > a.csv

It works fine, but running this command in a shell script gives an error saying that there's a syntax error.

here is content of my script:
tdbsrvr[Support]$ vi
"" 22 lines, 509 characters 
. oraenv
echo "Please Enter Username:"
read usrnm
echo "Please Enter Password:"
read pswd

sh $usrnm $pswd > query1.txt
sh $usrnm $pswd > query2.txt
sh $usrnm $pswd > query3.txt

echo "WM7 Fatal Alerts:", $(cat query1.txt) > a.csv
echo "WM7 Stuck Alarms:", $(cat query2.txt) > b.csv
echo "WM7 Active Files:", $(cat query3.txt) > c.csv

cat a.csv b.csv > 1.csv
cat 1.csv c.csv > 2.csv

echo "Please enter email address:"
read eadd

uuencode 2.csv 2.csv | mailx -s "Health Check" $eadd

upon executing this script by using "sh", it gives me this error after inputting username and password:
tdbsrvr[Support]$ sh
Please Enter Username:
Please Enter Password:
wtest syntax error at line 11: `(' unexpected

Line 11 points to this command: echo "WM7 Fatal Alerts:", $(cat query1.txt) > a.csv

So i tried running the command outside the script and it worked just fine. but running this script gives me a syntax error message regarding this command! HELP!

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Old 12-02-2010
echo "WM7 Fatal Alerts:", `cat query1.txt` > a.csv

instead of
echo "WM7 Fatal Alerts:", $(cat query1.txt) > a.csv

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Old 12-02-2010
try this:

echo "WM7 Fatal Alerts:",`cat query1.txt` > a.csv

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Old 12-02-2010
ok will try that now. THANKS!

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Old 12-02-2010
just in case.. try if the below one works..
echo "WM7 Fatal Alerts:, $(cat query1.txt)" > a.csv

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