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Old 11-30-2010
xmlstarlet parse non en_US characters

I'm parsing around 600K xml files, with roughly 1500 lines of text in each, some of the lines include Chinese, Russian, whatever language, with a bash script that uses
 cat $i | xmlstarlet sel -t -m "//section1/section2/section3/section4/section5" -v "@VALUE" -n > somefile

which works, but I get parse errors like
-:2350: parser error : invalid character in attribute value
     <NODE NAME="something" VALUE="^Tï¿<96>ᄂ←ᄍ￰ï¿<8f>￲/dPï¾*ï¿<84>ï¿<88>mu" />
-:2350: parser error : attributes construct error
     <NODE NAME="something" VALUE="^Tï¿<96>ᄂ←ᄍ￰ï¿<8f>￲/dPï¾*ï¿<84>ï¿<88>mu" />
-:2350: parser error : Couldn't find end of Start Tag NODE line 2350
     <NODE NAME="something" VALUE="^Tï¿<96>ᄂ←ᄍ￰ï¿<8f>￲/dPï¾*ï¿<84>ï¿<88>mu" />
-:2350: parser error : PCDATA invalid Char value 20
     <NODE NAME="something" VALUE="^Tï¿<96>ᄂ←ᄍ￰ï¿<8f>￲/dPï¾*ï¿<84>ï¿<88>mu" />

I have installed all locales. Is there a way to bulk change all the encoding to UTF-8 or something on all the files, or install something, or am I going about it the wrong way?
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Old 11-30-2010
Don't know what you are trying to achieve.
maybe give a try to
strings $i |

instead of the
cat $i |

by the way, are you sure xmlstarlet is reliable and up to date ?
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Old 11-30-2010
xmlstarlet relies on libxml2 which uses UTF8 internally. For more information, see LIBXML2 - Encodings support.
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Old 11-30-2010
I tried xml2 parsing, which only converts xml to a flat file format, otherwise I don't know what else to use for bash xml parsing, I've written a couple basic parsers for similar tasks, but they have bad error handling I've found. I think maybe if I could get xmlstarlet to read in extended ascii encoding for these files it would work, but I don't know how to do that.

Strings didn't seem to help either

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It seems without much pain I can't get libxml2 to encode ascii extended, I'm wondering if there's a way to convert it when I read the file in from a list, which I do by:
cat "${@:-somelist.txt}" |
while read i
        strings $i | xmlstarlet sel -t -m "//sec1/sec2/sec3/sec4/sec5" -v "@VALUE" -n > somefile
   value1=`sed -n "1p" somefile`

I also know my looping probably isn't the most elegant, but it works, well, except the encoding. Is there some command I can convert the string before it gets read by xmlstarlet or something?

btw, I'm using Debian Squeeze, which uses xmlstarlet 1.0.2-1
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Old 11-30-2010
iconv might be helpfull here, you can probably extract the documents charset from the XLM meta tag.

iconv -f ${SRC_CHARSET:-UTF-8} -t UTF-8 $i | xmlstarlet sel -t -m "//sec1/sec2/sec3/sec4/sec5" -v "@VALUE" -n  | iconv -f UTF-8 -t ${SRC_CHARSET:-UTF-8} > somefile

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Old 12-01-2010
Is there an encoding declaration at the top of your XML files? If so, what is it?

If no encoding declaration is present in the XML document, the assumed encoding of an XML document depends on the presence of a Byte-Order-Mark (BOM). A BOM is a Unicode special marker placed at the top of the file to indicate its encoding. A BOM is optional for UTF-8.

First bytes 	                Encoding assumed

EF BB BF 	                UTF-8
FE FF                           UTF-16 (big-endian)
FF FE             	        UTF-16 (little-endian)
00 00 FE FF                     UTF-32 (big-endian)
FF FE 00 00                     UTF-32 (little-endian)

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Old 12-01-2010
yes, <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

am I correct in assuming that utf-8 won't work for extended ASCII characters like Cyrillic, Chinese, etc? It seems though the xml encoding tag says utf-8, it still has extended ascii characters in it? I converted to UTF-8 using iconv (Chubler_XL), but I still get parse errors, example
-:2854: parser error : PCDATA invalid Char value 1
     <NODE NAME="OEToolbarPos" VALUE="^A" />

which makes xmlstarlet stop parsing the rest of the file, is there a way to make it ignore/handle errors?

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