Need Mac .sh to run command line app in seperate terminal

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Old 11-29-2010
Need Mac .sh to run command line app in seperate terminal

Hello, currently we are executing a .sh from terminal.

The current .sh looks like this:

#!/usr/bin/env bash

/Users/user/ &


Now, we also need to run a third line in the .sh - It's a command line application that I need to run when I execute the above .sh however the new line that runs this command line application, I need to make sure runs in a separate terminal window then the above application AND it will need a 5 second head start on the current applications inside of the above .sh

What would my new .sh file look like?


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Runs an Instruments template from the command line. Options are : -t template The path to the template to run -s Show list of known templates and exit -d document The path to save the trace document data to (This may already exist, in which case a new Run will be added) -l # The limit of milliseconds to record until termination ( infinite is default ) -i # The index of the instrument to apply the following target data to ( default if missing ) -p pid The ID of the process to attach to -a application The path to the application or command to launch -w hardware device The identifier of the hardware to target -e variable value An environment variable setting (You may specify more than one) -g argument Command line argument to be sent to the launched process (You may specify more than one) -v Turn on verbose logging FILES
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