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How to echo within EOF (here-document)

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Old 11-23-2010
How to echo within EOF (here-document)

ssh $USR@$host /bin/bash  <<\EOF >> ship-error.txt
awk 'BEGIN{f=0} !f { s=$0; sub(/,.+/, "", s); gsub(/[-: ]/, " ", s); t=(systime()-mktime(s)); if(t<=14400) f=1 } f ' /logs/shiperror.log

I want to use an echo command within the EOF. Is this possible?
something like this: So that it prints the server name first and then awk command results to the ship-error.txt
ssh $USR@$host /bin/bash  <<\EOF >> ship-error.txt
echo "Server Name: $host" 
awk 'BEGIN{f=0} !f { s=$0; sub(/,.+/, "", s); gsub(/[-: ]/, " ", s); t=(systime()-mktime(s)); if(t<=14400) f=1 } f ' /logs/shiperror.log

but $host value doesnot appear.

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Old 11-23-2010
I hardly ever use here, as it is interpreted too unconditionally/oddly for complex data. I use echo '...'"$..."'...' | ....

Why the \ in the <<EOF? Oh, you are turning off expansions like $host!

Here Documents
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Old 11-23-2010
Instead of
echo "Server Name: $host" 
echo "Server Name: $(uname -n)"

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Old 11-23-2010
Yes, even if .profile sets $host, ssh does not run it except if you command it explicitly. Sometimes, when using a remote script or complex command or installed application, its
ssh2 user@remot '. ./.profile;command args'

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