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Old 11-17-2010
accepting input then send to file

basically im trying to promt the user to create a name for a file then send the file name to a file with the list of the file names he has created. Also i want to code if the user doesnt enter any text to just print "Default Folder"

so far my code looks like:

if [ read - p "create" $1]
echo "create `$1` > foldname
read -p "create ``"
echo "Default Folder" > foldname

i know this is probably completely wrong but i am new and i tried!

in this code i am trying to say if the user inputs name then print create name and send that name to the foldname database (just name of file and not create and file) and if he just hits enter key (not type anything) then echo create default folder and ouput default folder to foldname database

if anyone could help it would be appreciated!!!

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can anbody be of help
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Old 11-17-2010
You agreed not to bump posts when you registered here.

[ -z "$FILENAME" ] || FILENAME="Default Folder"
echo "$FILENAME" >> listfile

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