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Expand an environment variable in sed, when the variable contains a slash

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Expand an environment variable in sed, when the variable contains a slash
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Question Expand an environment variable in sed, when the variable contains a slash

I'm trying to make a sed substitution where the substitution pattern is an environment variable to be expanded, but the variable contains a "slash".
sed -e 's/<HOME_DIRECTORY>/'$HOME'/'

This gives me the following error:
sed: -e expression #1, char 21: unknown option to `s'

Obviously this is because of the slashes in the HOME variable. How do I get around this problem?
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sed -e "s#<HOME_DIRECTORY>#$HOME/#"

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Originally Posted by vgersh99
sed -e "s#<HOME_DIRECTORY>#$HOME/#"

So, the delimiter can be any (single-byte) character? I never knew that. Thanks a bunch!Smilie

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