How to see hidden characters.....

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How to see hidden characters.....

I know that cat -v will show me hidden characters in a file....

I for some reason seem to think that there's a bash command that will show me hidden characters in a variable in a script? Or am I just imagining it?

Thanks in advance
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Interesting. I have never come across such a Bash builtin.
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You could construct something - try this:

echo "$variable" | tr -dc '[:print:]' | od -c

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echo $variable | cat -v

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jlliagre's answer is the best choice, but the OP does not want cat -v, I thought.
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It's unclear if the OP doesn't want "cat -v" or simply think "cat -v" is restricted to files and something different should be used for variables.
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Using a bash shell cat -v only seems to work on files, the example given above with echo $variable | cat -v doesn't produce any output.
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