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Old 10-18-2010
Calling awk fom csh

I have to call two awk scripts where the second one used the output from the first one. Am wondering if it may happen that the second awk might start before the first awk finished creating the file...

  if ($nAnomaly == 1) then
      awk -v anomaly=$Anom -v zloc="$zmin/$zmax" -v dz=$dz  \
          -v cols="neat" -v maxdepth=$maxdepth              \
          -f ../Scripts/create-anomaly-zc.awk $fref.zc > $fmod.zc
  else if ($nAnomaly == 2) then
      awk -v anomaly="$nAnom/$pAnom" -v zloc="$zmin/$ztran/$zmax"  \
          -v dz=$dz -v cols="neat" -v maxdepth=$maxdepth           \
          -f ../Scripts/create-anomaly-zc.awk $fref.zc > $fmod.zc

  awk -v xi="$xix/$xiz" -v xf="$xfx/$xfz"  \
      -f ../Scripts/convert-zc-cmod.awk $fmod.zc > $fmod.cmod

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Old 10-18-2010
Originally Posted by kristinu
... Am wondering if it may happen that the second awk might start before the first awk finished creating the file...
I don't think so
The command of your script are processed sequentially as long as you don't use the & to run it in background.

At least, this is all that comes to my limited mind for the moment...Smilie
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