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AT command parameter passing to php file

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Old 10-03-2010
AT command parameter passing to php file

I have a bash script which utilizes a random function and then runs a file at now plus a random time.

The problem is, that the php file requires a parameter after it eg:

When i put in the file including the full path, with the at command, it will run, but not with the parameters.

at -f thefile now + $randn minutes

This spits out a file not found error. But if I remove the $uniquenum variable, it accepts the code, but of course the php file doesnt run correctly.

Even if I hard code the "?code=123245b3", using no variables, it still spits out the file not found error.

How can I get the parameter passed to the file?

I just realised that I need to use php in front of the file to get it to run, but php doesnt accept the parameters either.

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Old 10-03-2010
try this
at -f now + $randn minutes <<< $thefile

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