Reading from a File and Using as an Input variable

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Old 09-24-2010
Reading from a File and Using as an Input variable

I need to know how the the string constant from Input File should be read and provide as input data for the script .





nthname =/root/dir/syslog/ntname1

I would like to read some constant values from the file and feed that as an input to the script, something like this.

./myscript urname

From above syntax, Im just using the Constant String from the input text, but script should perform actions on all the instances of variable string mapped to the constant from input text. Can some one provide me the method how to call this . Do i need to write any functions for this?
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Old 09-24-2010
something like:

while IFS="=" read $CONST $VARIABLE
 ## do whatever with $CONST and $VARIABLE

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Old 09-24-2010
I would add an if statement to operate only on lines containing given parameter:
bash code:
  1. while IFS="=" read $CONST $VARIABLE
  2. do
  3.    if &#91; "$CONST" = "$1" ]
  4.    then
  5.         ## do whatever with $CONST and $VARIABLE
  6.    fi
  7. done < INPUT_FILE
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Old 09-24-2010
This may not in work in the instance while if offer script to search in those method.

Assume we are talking in term of pointer.

urname ---> /root/dir/syslog/urname1
                  |---> /root/dir/syslog/urname2
                  |---> /root/dir/syslog/urname3

Assume if the above Constant is Pattern of a File, & Variable is the instances of Files, where we want our script to search for the message. So how will this work, when.
The above syntax should read only the constant and redirect the script to search message in all the 3 instances of File. Just like give below.

./myscript message urname

But not like

./myscript message /root/dir/syslog/urname1 or /root/dir/syslog/urname2 or /root/dir/syslog/urname3

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Old 09-24-2010
So you are not having fixed format? sorry but I am not clear about the requirement.
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Old 09-24-2010
something like this,

while (<>) {
if ($i==1) { if (/^\s+\|---\>\s+(\/.*)/){ print "Do whatever with variable",$1,"\n";} else {$i=0;}}
if(/(urname)([^\w]+)(\/.*)/) {
                if ($2 =~ /---/) { $i=1;print "Do whatever with variable $a","\n"} else { print "Do whatever with variable $3\n"; }

perl inputfile

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Old 09-24-2010
sorry, perl is not available in my environment to test this. Can you break that code in shell script. For your review, here is an samplescript uploaded, if you can capture the week points and correc the same. I feel there are many number of loop holes , but still unable to sort it out.
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