CGI shell script curl reponse problem

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CGI shell script curl reponse problem


I am running a bash shell script for some simple web server CGI, the script runs as expected from the browser except the following:

curl --silent --max-time 10 --output /dev/null --write-out %{http_code} http://server:port/filename

This line outputs 404 when i execute the script from the shell on the server, but from the browser it returns 000.

Any ideas would be welcome, thanks.
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HOBBIT-ENADIS.CGI(8)					      System Manager's Manual					      HOBBIT-ENADIS.CGI(8)

hobbit-enadis.cgi - CGI program to enable/disable Xymon tests SYNOPSIS
hobbit-enadis.cgi (invoked via CGI from webserver) DESCRIPTION
hobbit-enadis.cgi is a CGI tool for disabling and enabling hosts and tests monitored by Xymon. You can disable monitoring of a single test, all tests for a host, or multiple hosts - immediately or at a future point in time. hobbit-enadis.cgi runs as a CGI program, invoked by your webserver. It is normally run via a wrapper shell-script in the secured CGI directory for Xymon. hobbit-enadis.cgi is the back-end script for the enable/disable form present on the "info" status-pages. It can also run in "stand-alone" mode, in which case it displays a web form allowing users to select what to enable or disable. OPTIONS
--no-cookies Normally, hobbit-enadis.cgi uses a cookie sent by the browser to initially filter the list of hosts presented. If this is not desired, you can turn off this behaviour by calling bb-ack.cgi with the --no-cookies option. This would normally be placed in the CGI_ENADIS_OPTS setting in hobbitcgi.cfg(5) --env=FILENAME Load the environment from FILENAME before executing the CGI. --area=NAME Load environment variables for a specific area. NB: if used, this option must appear before any --env=FILENAME option. FILES
$BBHOME/web/maint_{header,form,footer} HTML template header BUGS
When using alternate pagesets, hosts will only show up on the Enable/Disable page if this is accessed from the primary page in which they are defined. So if you have hosts on multiple pages, they will only be visible for disabling from their main page which is not what you would expect. SEE ALSO
xymon(7) Xymon Version 4.2.3: 4 Feb 2009 HOBBIT-ENADIS.CGI(8)

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