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Adding a new column in a file with other existing columns

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Old 09-20-2010
Adding a new column in a file with other existing columns

Hi All ,
Kindly help me with this soln
awk '{printf "%s %7s \n", $1,$c}' infile

value of variable c I am externally giving input
But executing the above command shows all the columns of infile where as I want only 1st column of infile and 2nd column should print value c

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Old 09-20-2010
awk   -v c="$c"  '{printf "%s %7s \n", $1,$c}' infile

-v $varname lets you pass shell environment variables to awk. One -v per variable usually.
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Old 09-21-2010
Hi Jim ,

Appreciate your kind support and also thanks for the explanation.Smilie

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Hi Jim ,

While running the below command

nawk -v c="230031234567420987654321"  '{printf "%s %30s \n", $1,$c}'  infile

I am getting the following error

nawk: out of space in morefld

Please help me out

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Old 09-21-2010
A typo of Jim, the command tries to print field number 230031234567420987654321 instead of the value, try this:
nawk -v c="230031234567420987654321" '{printf "%s %30s \n", $1, c}' infile

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Old 09-21-2010
Hi Jim,

Thanks again
but I am getting two more rows with the variable .
What I want is to print the variable except from 1st and last row .
Can we achieve this using NR .

Please let me know

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Hi Jim

I come up with something

nawk -v c="230031234567420987654321" 'NR >1 && NR <8{ printf "%s %30s \n", $1, c}'  infile

I want to print variable c only for row 2 to 7
But above command printing both the columns for 6 times
How i can separate the $1 value so it can print for all 8 rows

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Old 09-21-2010

This is not Jim Smilie, as always, it's better to post the input file and the desired output.
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Old 09-21-2010
Hi Franklin ,

Here is the 1st column of input file


and the variable value i am externally passing say 14

and desired o/p should be

12                     13
13                     13
14                     13
15                     13
15                     13
16                     13

point is 13 should not be printed for 1st and last row
and sorry for the addressing Smilie

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Hi ,

variable value is 13

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