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Old 09-20-2010
Question binary to ascii conversion

I have got a library file, created by compiling C code. The file information with "file" command, gives it a "application/x-archive" type file. I want to extract the release string of my software from this file, so that i can know which version of C files were used to create the lib.
Can some body suggest some commands?? If i open the file in ultra edit in windows, i can see and search the string but how to do it in linux?? i tried with "string" command but that doesn't give the complete version string, it is splitted.

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Old 09-20-2010
so show us the string which you can see in ultraedit in Windows.
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Old 09-20-2010
Assuming that your version string is normal. try the unix "what" command:
what "filename"

Or failing that the unix "strings" command with parameter "-n 1".
strings -n 1 "filename"

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Old 09-20-2010
The following command did the job:
strings -n 1 new.a | grep SNAP

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