How do I get ssh to run a command in one line?

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting How do I get ssh to run a command in one line?
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How do I get ssh to run a command in one line?

How would I combine something like:

localserver# ssh remoteserver

remoteserver# find blah blah blah

into a one liner that would ssh to the remote server and run the find command, so I could put it in a script to automatically go out and run things on remote servers with out needed user input?
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See the man page for ssh.

Example in csh

set hosts="sys1 sys2"
foreach x ($hosts)
ssh $x find /export/home -name "blah"

You would have to set up that the account that runs this can ssh without needing to put in a password - see the man page for ssh - look for the RSA authentication.
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On the local system:

/usr/local/bin/ssh -x -l <user name> <remote system name> <command2execute>
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