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convert english to chinese

Hi Experts,

Can anyone help me to convert a english input into chinese in a bash script. help would be highly appreciable.

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I doubt this is something for a shell script at all - maybe you are lucky and there is some kind of Perl module available.
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i have the same problem, but here i am trying to monitor a chinese webpage on nagios via webinject plugin, and trying to input the chinese characters in order to match the string on the linux box and its a prod environment (Condition: Cannot reboot the server at all)

And its about entering 4 characters in chinese on the linux box and m all done. lemme know if i can do something to get this done.
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Originally Posted by naw_deepak
Can anyone help me to convert a english input into chinese ...
If, by "convert", you mean "translate input from English to Chinese", then you could use Java. Google has a lightweight client API at its website.

google-api-translate-java - Project Hosting on Google Code

Perl is also an option as zaxxon suggests. Search the CPAN website; seems like they have a couple of modules for that.

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