sed / shell - how to use $filename

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting sed / shell - how to use $filename
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sed / shell - how to use $filename

I've forgotten how to use a filename parameter
using sed inside a shell script. What I want to do is
replace a string inside a file with the name of
the file being processed.

I think this should work ..

for filename do
sed -e "s/xxx/$filename/" ...


Ps: i.e. I want to change

We need to put xxx in the answer.


We need to put filename in the answer.
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Please navigate:
Our Home Page -> Answers to Frequently Asked Questions -> Passing variables/arguments/parameters to commands
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Is "Why isn't the 'Answers to Frequently Asked Questions' section at the top of the forum page?" a frequently asked question?
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What home page / FAQ? I can't find an answer
at the top FAQ on ..


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