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How to limit the number of running instances of a script?

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting How to limit the number of running instances of a script?
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How to limit the number of running instances of a script?

I would like to allow only one instance of a script to run at any moment.

I've tried the following solution to count the instances but the result is always the number of running instances plus one and I can't find the problem

ps -ef | grep $0 | sed '/^$/ d' | sed '/grep/ d' | wc -l

Please help. Thanks!
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try "grep -v ..." in your command line.

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Another fairly robust solution is to create a lock file:


# check for existence of a lock file
# if the file exists make sure the pid that 
#          created it is still running then exit.
if [ -e /tmp/myshellscript.lock ]; then 
         pid=`cat /tmp/myshellscript.lock`
         ps -p "$pid" >/dev/null 2&>1
# somebody else is running the script ?
         if [ $? -eq 0]; then
                echo "another processi is running - try again later"
                exit 1
# put the current process as owner of the lock
         echo "$$" > /tmp/myshellscript.lock

# no file found - make one, own the lock,too.

         echo "$$" > /tmp/myshellscript.lock
         chmod 777 /tmp/myshellscript.lock

# last lines of script - release lock file
rm -f /tmp/myshellscript.lock
exit 0

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