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Moving between workspaces

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Old 09-01-2010
Moving between workspaces

In Linux if Alt+Ctrl+KeyPad# is issued from a Bash shell, will
a user then be able to invoke Firefox commands to Firefox from a Bash shell?
Would one be able to issue another Alt+Ctrl+Key# to return to the initial workspace containing the Bash script?
How do Alt+Ctrl+KeyPad# and Ctrl+F# shortcuts differ in action if issued from a Bash script?

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lebiniou(1)							   lebiniou-3.18						       lebiniou(1)

lebiniou - A tool to create images from sound SYNOPSIS
Le Biniou is a program which creates images from sound, in an intelligent way. OPTIONS
-b | --basedir path: Set base directory to look for plugins (default: /usr/lib/lebiniou/plugins) -d | --datadir path: Set data directory (default: /usr/share/lebiniou) -z | --schemes file: Set schemes file (default: /usr/share/lebiniou/etc/schemes.xml) -f | --fullscreen: Set fullscreen -h | --help: Display help -i | --input plugin: Set input plugin (inputs: oss, alsa, jackaudio, pulseaudio, random, NULL (no input)) -m | --maxfps fps: Set maximum framerate -o | --output plugin: Set output plugin. (outputs: SDL, NULL (no output)) -r | --random mode: Set auto-random mode -s | --screen mode: Set On Screen Display mode -v | --version: Display the version and exit -x | --width width: Set width -y | --height height: Set height -p | --pidfile file: Set the PID file -t | --themes themes: Comma-separated list of themes to use CONTROLS
[Ctrl+o] - Next OSD mode [Alt+b] - Next 3D boundary [Alt+r] - Toggle 3D auto rotations [Alt+c] - Display current colormap [Ctrl+f] - Toggle full-screen on/off [Alt+m] - Show/hide mouse cursor [k] - Increase fps [Shift+k] - Decrease fps [Shift+q] - Quit [Shift+x] - Save the current sequence then exit [Shift+n] - Fill current frame with random pixels [n] - Clear the current frame [ESCAPE] - Turn off all auto changes [RETURN] - Toggle selected plugin on/off [Shift+RIGHT] - Use previous sequence [Shift+LEFT] - Use next sequence [Shift+PRINT] - Take a screenshot [Ctrl+BACKSPACE] - Make a sequence from system schemes [BACKSPACE] - Select a random user sequence [Ctrl+m] - Next random mode [Shift+m] - Previous random mode [Ctrl+t] - Auto colormaps on/off [Ctrl+i] - Auto pictures on/off [Ctrl+p] - Use the most recent sequence [SPACE] - Bypass mode on/off [Ctrl+SPACE] - Set webcam reference picture [TAB] - Select next webcam [Ctrl+v] - Switch 3d cube on/off [Ctrl+c] - Toggle 3D world pulse on/off [UP] - Select previous plugin [DOWN] - Select next plugin [PAGEUP] - Scroll up in the plugins list [PAGEDOWN] - Scroll down in the plugins list [Shift+z] - Reset the current sequence [Shift+l] - Toggle selected plugin as a lens on/off [Shift+UP] - Select previous plugin in the sequence [Shift+DOWN] - Select next plugin in the sequence [Ctrl+UP] - Move selected plugin up in the sequence [Ctrl+DOWN] - Move selected plugin down in the sequence [Alt+y] - Select default layer mode for the current plugin [Shift+y] - Select next layer mode [Ctrl+s] - Save current sequence as new [Ctrl+u] - Update current sequence [e] - Select previous colormap [r] - Select next colormap [t] - Select random colormap [y] - Select previous picture [u] - Select next picture [i] - Select random picture [Ctrl+g] - Set bank mode to sequences [Ctrl+h] - Set bank mode to colormaps [Ctrl+j] - Set bank mode to pictures [Ctrl-Shift-F1] - Clear bank 1 [Ctrl-Shift-F2] - Clear bank 2 [Ctrl-Shift-F3] - Clear bank 3 [Ctrl-Shift-F4] - Clear bank 4 [Ctrl-Shift-F5] - Clear bank 5 [Ctrl-Shift-F6] - Clear bank 6 [Ctrl-Shift-F7] - Clear bank 7 [Ctrl-Shift-F8] - Clear bank 8 [Ctrl-Shift-F9] - Clear bank 9 [Ctrl-Shift-F10] - Clear bank 10 [Ctrl-Shift-F11] - Clear bank 11 [Ctrl-Shift-F12] - Clear bank 12 [Shift+F1] - Assign current sequence/colormap/picture to bank 1 [Shift+F2] - Assign current sequence/colormap/picture to bank 2 [Shift+F3] - Assign current sequence/colormap/picture to bank 3 [Shift+F4] - Assign current sequence/colormap/picture to bank 4 [Shift+F5] - Assign current sequence/colormap/picture to bank 5 [Shift+F6] - Assign current sequence/colormap/picture to bank 6 [Shift+F7] - Assign current sequence/colormap/picture to bank 7 [Shift+F8] - Assign current sequence/colormap/picture to bank 8 [Shift+F9] - Assign current sequence/colormap/picture to bank 9 [Shift+F10] - Assign current sequence/colormap/picture to bank 10 [Shift+F11] - Assign current sequence/colormap/picture to bank 11 [Shift+F12] - Assign current sequence/colormap/picture to bank 12 [F1] - Use sequence/colormap/picture in bank 1 [F2] - Use sequence/colormap/picture in bank 2 [F3] - Use sequence/colormap/picture in bank 3 [F4] - Use sequence/colormap/picture in bank 4 [F5] - Use sequence/colormap/picture in bank 5 [F6] - Use sequence/colormap/picture in bank 6 [F7] - Use sequence/colormap/picture in bank 7 [F8] - Use sequence/colormap/picture in bank 8 [F9] - Use sequence/colormap/picture in bank 9 [F10] - Use sequence/colormap/picture in bank 10 [F11] - Use sequence/colormap/picture in bank 11 [F12] - Use sequence/colormap/picture in bank 12 [Ctrl+F1] - Use bankset 1 [Ctrl+F2] - Use bankset 2 [Ctrl+F3] - Use bankset 3 [Ctrl+F4] - Use bankset 4 [Ctrl+F5] - Use bankset 5 [Ctrl+F6] - Use bankset 6 [Ctrl+F7] - Use bankset 7 [Ctrl+F8] - Use bankset 8 [Ctrl+F9] - Use bankset 9 [Ctrl+F10] - Use bankset 10 [Ctrl+F11] - Use bankset 11 [Ctrl+F12] - Use bankset 12 [Ctrl+b] - Save the banks file SEE ALSO
User manual: file:///usr/share/doc/lebiniou/html/manual.html Website: AUTHOR
Olivier Girondel <> BUGS
Feel free to report them lebiniou-3.18 2012-04-24 lebiniou(1)

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