sed command works from cmd line to standard output but will not write to file

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Old 08-30-2010
sed command works from cmd line to standard output but will not write to file

Hi all .... vexing problem here ...

I am using sed to replace some special characters in a .txt file:

sed -e 's/_<ED>_/_355_/g;s/_<F3>_/_363_/g;s/_<E1>_/_341_/g' filename.txt

This command replaces <ED> with , <F3> with and <E1> with .

When I run the command to standard output, it works as expected.

When I attempt to write to another file, the special characters are eliminated again.

sed -e 's/_<ED>_/_355_/g;s/_<F3>_/_363_/g;s/_<E1>_/_341_/g' filename.txt

works, but

sed -e 's/_<ED>_/_355_/g;s/_<F3>_/_363_/g;s/_<E1>_/_341_/g' filename.txt>filename2.txt

does not.

any help is appreciated.
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Old 09-01-2010

more info:

when I run this command on a 5.9 Solaris server it works as expected.

The problem exists only on 5.10 Solaris instances.
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