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Old 08-25-2010
GREP/CUT/AWK to Arrays

hi people,

I have a text file containing data, seperated by TAB. I want to process this tab'ed data as variable. how can I assign this?


11aaa 12000 13aaa 14aaa 15aaa 16aaa 17aaa
21aaa 22000 23aaa 24aaa 25aaa 26aaa 27aaa
31aaa 32000 33aaa 34aaa 35aaa 36aaa 37aaa
41aaa 42000 43aaa 44aaa 45aaa 46aaa 47aaa
51aaa 52000 53aaa 54aaa 55aaa 56aaa 57aaa
61aaa 62000 63aaa 64aaa 65aaa 66aaa 67aaa
71aaa 72000 73aaa 74aaa 75aaa 76aaa 77aaa

I want to fetch, lets say, "54aaa" (5th row, 4th col) as a variable to be able to process it. then I will call it as $qweasd=nameofthisvaribale. I have tried with grep and cut but no result as I want.

Scrutinizer's reply:

awk 'NR==5{print $4}' infile
You can assign it to variable qweasd like this:

qweasd=$(awk 'NR==5{print $4}' infile)

thanks Scrutinizer;

but I wonder, what about if my data is seperated by SPACE, or DOT, or COMMA? which parameter in this code specifies the TAB filter? can you give example for, lets say, SPACE?
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Old 08-25-2010
No no no. This will never do.

Please continue with your original thread:
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