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password - SFTP

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Old 08-18-2010
password - SFTP

Hi team,

I know if we need to transfer the files between between 2 servser, we use SFTP through key setup between 2 server.

currently There are some problems and we are not able to setup keys between servers.

How can i use password with SFTP for temporary solutions, so that the file transfer process become automate.

i know it can be done using ftp like...

ftp -nvi <servername><<"XX"
quote user <username>
quote pass <password>
lcd <path>
mput <filename>

But, current system is not accepting ftp and we should use only SFTP so i have changed from ftp to sftp like...

sftp -nvi <servername><<"XX"
quote user <username>
quote pass <password>
lcd <path>
mput <filename>

But it says invalid n option.

Can someone help me on how to use password with SFTP, so that it won't prompt for password?
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Old 08-18-2010
Afaik there is no option to hand over a password non-interactive with sftp. I think it's either keys or interactive. Maybe you can use expect to hand over a password.
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Old 08-18-2010
Hi Zaxxon,

We do not have "expect" utility installed on our system... is there any other way?
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Old 08-18-2010
What is ur OS?

In Rehad Enterprise Linux, I could find a command 'lftp' which can be used to do SFTP and it can be used like 'ftp'.

You can use below command to check the availablity of 'lftp'.

whereis lftp

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Old 08-18-2010
i guess there is no other way..
you must use public/private key pairs with sftp
# 6  
Old 08-18-2010
Below script worked in RedHat Enterprise Linux.

open sftp://$host
user  $user $passwd

This User Gave Thanks to ranjithpr For This Post:
# 7  
Old 08-18-2010
I am using sunSolaris.... there no lftp Smilie
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