How to make parallel processing rather than serial processing ??

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Old 08-16-2010
How to make parallel processing rather than serial processing ??

Hello everybody,

I have a little problem with one of my program. I made a plugin for collectd (a stats collector for my servers) but I have a problem to make it run in parallel.

My program gathers stats from logs, so it needs to run in background waiting for any new lines added in the log files.

My problem is that I call my program in a bash script that tails my log files, like this :
(tail -f /home/collectd/logs/file1 | perl /home/collectd/etc/ file1 arg2) &
(tail -f /home/collectd/logs/file2 | perl /home/collectd/etc/ file2 arg2) &
(tail -f /home/collectd/logs/file3 | perl /home/collectd/etc/ file3 arg2) &
(tail -f /home/collectd/logs/file4 | perl /home/collectd/etc/ file4 arg2) &
(tail -f /home/collectd/logs/file5 | perl /home/collectd/etc/ file5 arg2) &
while [1 -eq 1]; do
  sleep 50;

The problem is that it does not work very well. So I would like to make the "tail -f" parallel processing directly in my perl program.
Here is the perl program ( I'd like to make parallel processing with :

use warnings;
use strict;

if ($#ARGV != 1){
    print "You did not give the two necessary arguments.\nUsage: perl filename VOP\n";

#name of the file
my $file_name=$ARGV[0];
#Summary type that I want to analyze
my $sum_type=$ARGV[1];

my $node_name;
my $operation_type;
my $operation_counter;

chomp($sum_type, $file_name);

my $previous_fh = select(STDOUT);
$| = 1;

while (<STDIN>){

    #I use regular expressions here to retrieve the name of the server the type of operation and the counter value only if the summary type is VOP
    if (/\s$sum_type\sSUMMARY\s\[(\w+)\.\w+\]\s(\w+)\scnt\/(\d+)\s/) {
        my $timestamp=time;

        #This is a print so that collectd (a program that I use to monitor my servers) can put a value in a RRD file from the print output
        print "PUTVAL $node_name/cvfs-$file_name/operations-$operation_type $timestamp:$operation_counter";

I have seen that parallel processing could be done with fork or something like that but I don't really understand how to do it. Does anyone has an idea of how I could do that ?

Thanks by advance.

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