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I have written a script in a previous server and its being migrated to a new server. I'm trying to debug my script since i've had to make minor changes to it to get it to work.

I'm having a hard time getting my totals to populate
here is the syntax

638 /
639 END`

It previously came showed
Mail on dump: 26094

now its coming out as
Mail on dump: DUMP_COUNT+0

can anyone figure this one out?
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If your issue is with DUMP_COUNT, it should be


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Thanks Guru for your response
One of the things I should have mentioned is that this new server doesn't let me use "let" statements. When I did it would show blank. So originally I had a let Dump_count but took out the "let"
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You can use it in this way then;


In fact, you have many other way to get the same: different ways of arithmetic operations

This User Gave Thanks to guruprasadpr For This Post:
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thanks for the help.

what worked is the $((DUMP_COUNT+0))

Thanks GURU
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