How to send email once a day at certain time in unix shell script

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Question How to send email once a day at certain time in unix shell script


i have to send an email once a day at ceratin time say 22.
i have tried with date commad, but not working.Smilie
if [ $HOUROFTHEDAY = "22" ]; then
    mailx -s  "Info"  < $ProcessStatisticsFile

Please help me...
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Why not use crontab ?
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can you please tell me how to use crontab ?
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Create a script...with following line like ....and save it.
mailx -s "<subject line>" <email-id>  #u can also add text to mail u know how to do that

Then use below options,
crontab -e     Edit your crontab file, or create one if it doesnt already exist.
crontab -l     Display your crontab file.

follow ex below:-
to run a script at 22 PM EVERYDAY make this enrty in crontab file and save-------
0     22     *     *     *         <mention the complete path of the script that u created above>

This will do the job

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Thank You
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