Help with sort folder results

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Help with sort folder results

Here is the code, but the list is not sorted properly (alphabetically)?
PHP Code:
function folderlist(){
$startdir './';
$ignoredDirectory[] = '.'
$ignoredDirectory[] = '..';
if (
if (
$dh opendir($startdir)){
while ((
$folder readdir($dh)) !== false){
if (!(
array_search($folder,$ignoredDirectory) > -1)){
if (
filetype($startdir $folder) == "dir"){
$directorylist[$startdir $folder]['name'] = $folder;
$directorylist[$startdir $folder]['path'] = $startdir;
$folders folderlist();
foreach (
$folders as $folder){
$path $folder['path'];
$name $folder['name'];
'<a href="'$path $name .'">' $name '</a><br />';
Thanks for the help.
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