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Old 07-14-2010
Output allignment

Hi Guys,

I hope you are doing good out there.

I am facing some issues in the alligment of the output of a shell script.

Below is the statement which is formatting the output:
echo  $File | awk -F '[ /]' '{print $13,$15="\t"$16,$4="",$5,$6,$7}'

and its output is
Domain           Log file                                           Time last updated
ICCIR2TEST16    BPOrderExecutionManagement-Gemini-BPOrderExecutionManagement-Gemini.log  Jul 14 10:59
ICCIR2TEST16    ContactChannelManagement-SVAP-ContactChannelManagement-SVAP.log  Jul 14 10:42
ICCIR2TEST16    DataIntegration-Misc-DataIntegration-Misc.log  Jul 14 10:33
ICCIRSTDEV03    CustomerContactManagement-CRM6-CustomerContactManagement-CRM6.log  Jul 14 10:58
ICCIRSTDEV03    CustomerPersonalInformationManagement-CRM6-CustomerPersonalInformationManagement-CRM6.log  Jul 14 10:55
ICCIRSTDEV03    TIL_SCM_CRM6-TIL_SCM_CRM6.log  Jul 14 12:05

As you can see the last coloumn is not alligned properly. This is due to invariable string size of the files.

I tried lots of tricks but no luck.

Can you please let me know the way to properly allign the output?

Any help would be highly appereciated.


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Old 07-14-2010
use format specifiers %s with width: %30s.

I made up numbers because I don't know what your data looks like. When you need alignment always pick a width that is at least as wide or wider the field can ever be.

awk -F '[ /]' '{printf (%30s% %20s\t%30s %5s= %10s %10s %10s\n",$13,$15,$16,$4,$5,$6,$7) }'  $File

This User Gave Thanks to jim mcnamara For This Post:
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Old 07-15-2010
Thanks for the help Jim,

Now, the output is alligned properly after making the changes suggested by you. Please see below;

 Domain           Log file                                                                                 Time last updated
ICCIR2Test11     CustomerPersonalInformationManagement-CRM6-1-Process_Archive.log                            Jul 15 07:53
ICCIR2Test13     Top-UpTransactionManagement-PAS-Top-UpTransactionManagement-PAS.log                         Jul 15 07:31
ICCIRSTDEV03     CustomerContractManagement-Gemini-1-CustomerContractManagement-Gemini.log                   Jul 15 08:40
ICCIRSTDEV03     Top-UpTransactionManagement-PAS-2-Top-UpTransactionManagement-PAS.log                       Jul 15 07:31
ICCIRSTDEV03     WarehouseManagement-OOM-WarehouseManagement-OOM.log                                         Jul 15 07:31

Thanks once again for your help.

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