calculation using awk or shell script in between the numbers

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Java calculation using awk or shell script in between the numbers

file A

file B
predicted 3
1  250
251 500
501 1000

The output should be
E969K   501 1000
D223L 1      250
E400L  251   500
E34L   1    250

I tried in this way

tr -d  [A-Z]  <file A 
then in shell script 
while read line
echo "awk '\$1<=$line && \$2>=$line' $2" > FOO

any other easy option can be done

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If the order of the result is not a concern for you, try this:

awk 'NR==FNR{a[i++]=$0;next;}{for(j in a){x=a[j];gsub(/[A-Z]/,"",x);x=int(x);if ($1<x && $2>x) print a[j],$0;}}' i=1 fileA fileB

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