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problem in understanding the output of errpt -d H -T PERM -s `date +"%m%d%H00%y"`

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Old 07-09-2010
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problem in understanding the output of errpt -d H -T PERM -s `date +"%m%d%H00%y"`

Its very critical and 'm in need to schedule this on my crontab so that the output can be monitored by a tool

I have written the command below to redirect the error which has the output redirected to the file gincle_lol.log.

echo "---" >>/gingle/gincle_lol.log
date >>/gingle/gincle_lol.log
errpt -d H -T PERM -s `date +"%m%d%H00%y"` >>/gingle/gincle_lol.log
echo "--" >>/gingle/gincle_lol.log

I want to know what will be the output, because i have written this command to redirect the output which has hardware Permanent errors from the current time -1

This will give you the output of the errors happened current time -1
Eg: If the job is run @ 6:00 then -1 the output will contain the errors between 5 and 6

7=> 6-7
8=> 7-8
9=> 8-9

Note: The job is scheduled every 1 hour

Current me if ‘m wrong…
Please help me on this front... Its critical..

Moderator's Comments:
problem in understanding the output of errpt -d H -T PERM -s `date +"%m%d%H00%y"` Use code tags, ty.

Last edited by zaxxon; 07-09-2010 at 10:24 AM.. Reason: code tags
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Old 07-09-2010
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Examples in Appendix A.

IBM Redbooks | IBM eServer Certification Study Guide - AIX 5L Performance and System Tuning
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