Find and analyze variable Strings in a large file.

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Find and analyze variable Strings in a large file.
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Find and analyze variable Strings in a large file.

Hi guys,
I have multiple files (>5000) which I have in a folder. I read every file name and put it in a tmp variable "i" so that i can use it in the following task.

I have a large .txt file (>50 MB) in which I want to find the variable "i" and the lines after this variable, so that I can use the lines after i to find a other string x ONCE! The string x is seperate by

<div class="mediaSubtitle">TTTTTTTTTTTTTT</div>

and this "TTTTTTTTTTTTTT" should be the new filename.

Hear is a example:

HTML Code:

amp;test_var=d8e7eb64bc955c7d80fc945497bf3eba&quot; quality=&
quot;high&quot; scale=&quot;exactfit&quot; menu=&quot;false&quot;
 bgcolor=&quot;#FFFFFF&quot; style=&quot;width:32px;
height:32px;&quot; swLiveConnect=&quot;false&quot; type=&
/object&gt;&lt;div style=&quot;line-height:14px;padding-top:5px;&quot;&
gt;&lt;strong&gt;Dateiname:&lt;/strong&gt; &lt;span title=&quot;asdfad&
quot;&gt;asdfad&lt;/span&gt;&lt;br /&gt;&lt;strong&gt;Media-ID: 
&lt;/strong&gt; 202061&lt;br /&gt;&lt;/div&gt;', 500, false, getBrowser(), 
20, 20);" onmousemove="popup_setMousePosition(event.clientX, 
event.clientY);popup_setPosition();" onmouseout="hidePopup();" /></a> 

                    <div class="mediaSubtitle">TTTTTTTTTTTTT</div>
Have anyone a idea how I get variable string between "<div class="mediaSubtitle">" and "</div>" to rename the files?

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And what's the name of the file?
# 3  
The name of the file is 1B79CFF0C7CB11DEB1081A950A00210A.flv
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We need more information in order to locate the file name, could you post a bigger sample of the data file?
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ah i got it, i have use the ";" as delimiter and it works, simple cat.

Thx radoulov for your try to help me
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