Moving first position in a file to the last position

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Moving first position in a file to the last position

I have a file which consists of some records:

I want to copy the first column (2010_06_4010093_001_001) to the last column on each row so that the file will look like


Can someone please help me with this.

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sed 's/\([^|][^|]*|\)\(.*\)/\2\1/' myFile

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Originally Posted by vgersh99
sed 's/\([^|][^|]*|\)\(.*\)/\2\1/' myFile

Please explain the regular expression.

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MySQL Problem resolved

First create a new fich without the head

$ cut -d"|" -f2-25 asdf>fichNew

Sencond create a fich with the firt part what it will the last
$ cut -d"|" -f1 asdf>head

And paste the first part to the end and copy the result to FinalFich
$ paste -d '|' fichNew head>FinalFich

And its works it taste

żmay can you vote me?

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Thanks a lot. This worked.
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using bash:
cat pparthiv_file

while IFS='|' read -a line; do
   printf '%s|' "${line[@]:1}"
   printf '%s|\n' "${line[@]::1}"
done < pparthiv_file

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 awk -F \| '{for (i=2;i<NF;i++) printf $i"|"} {print $1"|"}'  urfile

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