PERL need help splitting argument

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Old 06-25-2010
PERL need help splitting argument

If i have a script
I run it like -v file.txt -t ext2 -u user -j
how can I edit the array @ARGV so when my script calls
$ARGV[0] = -v file.txt
$ARGV[3] = -j
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Old 06-25-2010
Originally Posted by 3junior
If i have a script
I run it like -v file.txt -t ext2 -u user -j
how can I edit the array @ARGV so when my script calls
$ARGV[0] = -v file.txt
$ARGV[3] = -j
I don't quite understand why you'd want to do that.
What you may want to do instead is - combine elements of @ARGV and assign them to your (separately defined) array. As shown below -

@x = ("$ARGV[0] $ARGV[1]", "$ARGV[2] $ARGV[3]", "$ARGV[4] $ARGV[5]", $ARGV[6]);

But this involves hard-coding, and you may also want to check for definedness before concatenation.

If you want greater control over your input arguments, you may want to check out the Getopt::Std module from CPAN.

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Old 06-26-2010
-s switch / option in perl is a much simpler way to handle options to your script.
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