use awk pick value from lines as condition for grep

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Old 06-24-2010
use awk pick value from lines as condition for grep

Hi Folks!
I have a file like this

000000006    dist:0.0    FILE ./MintRoute/ LINE:305:1 NODE_KIND:131 nVARs:4 NUM_NODE:66 TBID:733 TEID:758
000000000    dist:0.0    FILE ./Route/ LINE:266:1 NODE_KIND:131 nVARs:4 NUM_NODE:66 TBID:601 TEID:626

000000001    dist:0.0    FILE ./WSN-simulator-1.0/ LINE:217:3 NODE_KIND:65 nVARs:5 NUM_NODE:66 TBID:375 TEID:401
000000002    dist:0.0    FILE ./WSN-simulator-1.0/ LINE:378:3 NODE_KIND:65 nVARs:5 NUM_NODE:66 TBID:648 TEID:674

000000000    dist:0.0    FILE ./Drain/ LINE:559:5 NODE_KIND:65 nVARs:8 NUM_NODE:85 TBID:819 TEID:850
000000001    dist:0.0    FILE ./Drain/ LINE:580:5 NODE_KIND:65 nVARs:8 NUM_NODE:85 TBID:919 TEID:950

000000001    dist:0.0    FILE ./WSN-simulator-1.0/ LINE:137:4 NODE_KIND:65 nVARs:6 NUM_NODE:60 TBID:562 TEID:584
000000002    dist:0.0    FILE ./WSN-simulator-1.0/ LINE:209:4 NODE_KIND:65 nVARs:6 NUM_NODE:60 TBID:799 TEID:821
000000004    dist:0.0    FILE ./WSN-simulator-1.0/ LINE:252:4 NODE_KIND:65 nVARs:6 NUM_NODE:60 TBID:947 TEID:969
000000005    dist:0.0    FILE ./WSN-simulator-1.0/ LINE:314:4 NODE_KIND:65 nVARs:6 NUM_NODE:60 TBID:1101 TEID:1123

I want to grep the lines where the second number after "LINE" is greater then e.g. >=4. And the blocks should stay separated with a blank line. Can someone help?
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Old 06-24-2010
nawk 'NF{split($5,a,":"); k=(a[3]>=4)?1:0} !NF ||k' myFile

This User Gave Thanks to vgersh99 For This Post:
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Old 06-24-2010
GREAT!! Thanks a lot!
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