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I have a string '<Hi>abc</Hi>"

How to print "abc"
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awk -F"[<>]" '{print $3}'

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How to pass the string.
awk -F"[<>]" '{print $3}' '<Hi>abc</Hi>'
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echo '<Hi>abc</Hi>' | sed 's/<Hi>\(.*\)<\/Hi>/\1/'

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Originally Posted by sandy1028
How to pass the string.
awk -F"[<>]" '{print $3}' '<Hi>abc</Hi>'
echo '<Hi>abc</Hi>' | awk -F"[<>]" '{print $3}'

awk -F"[<>]" '{print $3}' file

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A perl one:
echo '<Hi>abc</Hi>'|perl -ane '/<(\w+)>(\w+)<(\/\w+)>/;print "Tag:$1\nContent:$2\n"'

More secure:
perl -ane '/<(\w+)>(\w+)<\/\1>/g;print "Tag:$1\nContent:$2\n"'

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with shell,

$ var='<Hi>abc</Hi>'
$ tmp=${var#*>}
$ str=${tmp%<*}
$ echo $str

# 7  

# echo '<Hi>abc</Hi>' | sed 's/<[^>]*>//g'

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