ssh connection from remote machine in solaris

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ssh connection from remote machine in solaris


I have two solaris 10 machines(say, i have installed rsync on,

Sun Microsystems Inc.   SunOS 5.10      Generic January 2005
-bash-3.00$ ssh "echo $PATH"
-bash-3.00$ ssh "which rsync"
no rsync in /usr/bin
-bash-3.00$ which rsync

when i execute the command from another machine through ssh, why is it unable to find the rsync command?


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-bash-3.00$ ssh "echo $PATH"

Would show the PATH on

Use single quotes, or escape the $ in $PATH.

-bash-3.00$ ssh 'echo $PATH'

-bash-3.00$ ssh "echo \$PATH"

to see what the path actually is on
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Non interactive ssh sessions do not read profiles. You can do one of these:

First, you can change the default path in /etc/default/login, let's say:

but this affects all users.

Another way is to write

into ~/.ssh/environment. But to make this work, you first have to allow user environments in sshd_config:
PermitUserEnvironment yes

Be advised, that this may have security related side effects depending on your scenario.
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@scottn!! you are is showing in path of, i escaped the $ and it is now showing correct path::
-bash-3.00$ ssh "echo \$PATH"

i checked /etc/default/login file, but path variable is commented in that file.
//code from /etc/default/login file
# PATH sets the initial shell PATH variable

in this case from where it is taking PATH variable for ssh connection?


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If PATH is commented out in /etc/default/login, then the compiled-in default-default-path is used, which is /usr/bin.
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