FTP command line username and password passing

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FTP command line username and password passing

Dear All,

I am new to unix and I am trying to build a shell script which will connect to a different server by passing username and password from a file or command line but not manually...

In short I dont want to connect to a diff server via ftp interactively.

Any suggestion...looking forward for your reply...
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u can use -->> SSH: Secure Remote Login and Command Execution

SSH Command Line Utilities Usage Examples
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If you want only to use ftp, you can use .netrc file in which you can save user name, IP address & password. So that when you connect, you will not be prompted for the same.

If you want to use SFTP, them I would suggest SFTP with public key authentication.

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Thanks to both of you.


After login through ssh by the script I am not able to change the directory
Here is my script
cd /export/home/xjanptak/bin/roaming/filijank/test/cookrie/
sqlplus testing/testing123 @cookrie.sql
sqlplus testing/testing123 @refresh.sql
ssh aslmuat3@s1tstd31
cd /export/home/aslmuat3/bin
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This will work
cd /export/home/xjanptak/bin/roaming/filijank/test/cookrie/
sqlplus testing/testing123 @cookrie.sql
sqlplus testing/testing123 @refresh.sql
ssh aslmuat3@s1tstd31 << EOF
cd /export/home/aslmuat3/bin

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try this i think this is what ur looking for .....
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Thanks for your help.

But I want to know after connecting, how to change the directory.
the script is fine upto ssh command.
After that
cd /export/home/aslmuat3/bin
this command not executing in the server I logged in via ssh.(s1tstd31)
After logging in I need to chng dir and run a script but not able to do the same..pls share your inputs
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