UNIX Script to query Active Directory: give cn (NT login name) and receive mail (Email address)

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UNIX Script to query Active Directory: give cn (NT login name) and receive mail (Email address)

Hi folks

I need to write UNIX script (with ldapsearch) to query Active Directory. Input is NT login name and output is Email address.

Attached a screenshot of Sysinternals "AD Explorer". I need to do the same in CLI.


I am absolute LDAP/ldapsearch noob.
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Paranoid::Log::Email(3pm)				User Contributed Perl Documentation				 Paranoid::Log::Email(3pm)

Paranoid::Log::Email - Log Facility Email VERSION
$Id: Email.pm,v 0.82 2010/04/15 23:23:28 acorliss Exp $ SYNOPSIS
use Paranoid::Log; enableFacility('crit-alert', 'email', 'debug', '+', $mailhost, $recipient); enableFacility('crit-alert', 'email', 'debug', '+', $mailhost, [ @recipients ]); enableFacility('crit-alert', 'email', 'debug', '+', $mailhost, $recipient, $sender, $subject); DESCRIPTION
This module implements an e-mail transport for messages sent to the logger. It supports one or more recipients as well as overriding the sender address and subject line. It also supports connecting to a remote mail server. DEPENDENCIES
o Net::SMTP o Net::Domain o Paranoid::Debug SUBROUTINES
/METHODS NOTE: Given that this module is not intended to be used directly nothing is exported. init log remove dump SEE ALSO
No validation of any information, be it the mail server, recipient, or anything else is done until a message actually needs to be sent. Because of this you may have no warning of any misconfigurations just by enabling the facility. AUTHOR
Arthur Corliss (corliss@digitalmages.com) LICENSE AND COPYRIGHT
This software is licensed under the same terms as Perl, itself. Please see http://dev.perl.org/licenses/ for more information. (c) 2005, Arthur Corliss (corliss@digitalmages.com) perl v5.14.2 2010-04-15 Paranoid::Log::Email(3pm)

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