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tcsh/csh: set prompt in production to color red

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting tcsh/csh: set prompt in production to color red
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Old 05-14-2010
tcsh/csh: set prompt in production to color red

Hi folks

This is our prompt at the moment

oracle@pinkipinki:/opt/oracle> grep 'set prompt' .cshrc
set prompt = "$user@`uname -n`:$cwd> "

We wish to have in production the same prompt, but red.

Howto do that? I tried a lot a internet manuals, but it doesn't work.
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Old 05-14-2010
Originally Posted by slashdotweenie
set prompt = "%{\033[31;40m%}$user@`uname -n`:$cwd>%{\033[0m%} "

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