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Replacing text from multiple files at multiple location

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Old Unix and Linux 05-12-2010
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Replacing text from multiple files at multiple location


I have many files scattered in all different folders. I want to replace the text within all the files using a single command ( awk, sed...) Is it possible?


find all the files in which there is text "memory" and replace it with "branded_memories".

the files can be at the following locations or diectories.


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Old Unix and Linux 05-12-2010
anbu23's Unix or Linux Image
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for i in $(find /data/jobs/* -name "*.txt" -print)
awk ' { gsub("memory","branded_memories"); print > FILENAME } ' $i

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Old Unix and Linux 05-12-2010
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Perl will do this in place, if you throw a PIE into the mix:

my_list="fileA.txt fileB.txt $(find /data/jobs -name "*.txt" ) "
for i in ${my_list} 
   perl -pi -e 's/{fr_string}/{to_string}/g' ${i} 2>/dev/null 

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