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sending mail through mailx command

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sending mail through mailx command

I need help to send mail through mailx command . Currenlt my program is like

#!/bin/ksh -x
echo "[$(date)] [Script Location $(pwd)] " >>  path.lst
cat  path.lst | mailx -s "path loaction"  $MAIL_LIST
echo "End"
exit 0

Its work fine . But i need tocustomize this liitle instead of writing eamil id in MAIL_LIST , i want to save all the email id names in file mail.txt .
Then i want to send mails to through mailx command to all the names in mail.txt file.

Please help me i think i need to read from mail.txt first and save it in one string and then call that string in mailx ..
Please helpme out ..URGENT ...

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try this
SUBJECT=path loaction,,
echo "[$(date)] [Script Location $(pwd)] " >>  path.lst
mail -s "$SUBJECT"  $TO_LIST < $path.lst

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hey u didnt got my question... i dont need [,, ] this to be in my script .
actaully in the same directory i will create afile ex names.txt which will contain all the mail id's .

Now my aim isto read all the names from this file names.txt . Then save it in the string TO_LIST in such a way that all these email id are separated by space . Now we need to call the TO_LIST.
i WANT how to save all these email id in the string .TO_LIST=,
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try this manisha

kamaraj@kamaraj-laptop:~/Desktop/testing$ TO_LIST=`cat numbers`
kamaraj@kamaraj-laptop:~/Desktop/testing$ echo $TO_LIST
23423 4234 23 423 423 4 23432 4324 324 234

instead of numbers -- give your email file

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