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Old 05-05-2010
Create table


I want create table based on csv file .I have come up with some informations getting columns names and then no idea from that
.Please any help



c1=`head -1 $file|tr "|" "\n" |cat -n`
echo "$c1"
cnt=`echo "$c1"|nawk -F " " '{print $1}'`
#echo "$cnt"

for i in `echo $c1`
echo $i

Thanks in advance

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Old 05-05-2010
If file.txt is your source file, what is the expected output?
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Old 05-05-2010
Expecting like that

"create table tablename(
col1 varchar2(10),
col2 number(10,2)

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Old 05-05-2010

How u will identify the datatypes with width of the coloumns.
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Old 05-05-2010
Sorry for not providing complete information
using the below ,will find out max length
 awk -F "|" '{ if (length($83) > max) max = length($83) } END { print max }'    file

cat filename|egrep '[0-9]' ---for numbers

car filename |egrep '[a-z][A-Z]' --for strings

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Old 05-05-2010
Something like that ?
awk -F'|' '
NR==1 {
   for (c=1; c<=NF; c++) {
      colName[c] = $c;
   colCount = NF;
   for (c=1; c<=NF; c++) {
      if ($c !~ /^[0-9]+$/) colIsText[c]++;
      if (length($c) > colLength[c]) colLength[c] = length($c);
   print "create table tablename("
   for (c=1; c<=colCount; c++) {
      out = "  " colName[c];
      if (colIsText[c]) 
         out = out " varchar2(" colLength[c] ")";
         out = out " number(" colLength[c] ",2)";
      if (c != colCount) out = out ",";
      print out
   print ");";
' inputfile

Input file:

create table tablename(
  col1 number(4,2),
  col2 varchar2(10),
  col3 varchar2(5),
  col4 number(4,2),
  col5 varchar2(7)

Three problems remaining :
- Table name (fixed to tablename in the script)
- Precision for numbers (fixed to 2 in the script)
- Columns with null value
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Old 05-05-2010
Hi Aigles,

Thanks a lot for your reply .can you please explain? .Is there any way to check for date format.Regarding the decimal and precesion uisng awk check for numbers with decimal ,if any decimal ,want hard code to decimal(38,4) else only number with the length.



create table tablename(
  col1 number(4),
  col2 varchar2(10),
  col3 varchar2(5),
  col4 number(38,4),
  col5 date


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