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Copying of large files fail

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Old 05-01-2010
Copying of large files fail

I have a process which duplicates files for different environments. As the files arrive, my script (korn shell) makes copies of them (giving a unique name) and then renames the original file so that my process won't get triggered again.

I don't like it either, but it's what we were told to do Smilie

The problem is, some of these files are basically DB refresh files. Some of these refresh files have gotten very large (over 4GB) and are now failing to be duplicated.

My script simply uses the UNIX cp command to make duplicate copies of the files. The files in question are sitting on a NAS (network attached storage device) while my script resides on our DB UNIX server.

The NAS is fully capable of handling files that exceed 4GB, but for some reason the cp command is failing.
I have no control over the NAS, but I can communicate with the team who manages it.
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Old 05-01-2010
are you cp-ing them onto a local filesystem that cannot handle huge files?
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Old 05-02-2010

There is a large file feature in HP UX which can be set to YES for the root file system during installation . Probably urs is set to NO .

Might be that why you cant copy files more than 2 GB in size .

I dont know the ezct workaround to this prblm , other than reinstallting

will definitely update when will get one .
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Old 05-02-2010
Precision is everything in computing. This post is so vague that it defies belief when it presumably comes from a Systems Administrator with a real problem.

Please post the precise versions of both Operating Systems.
Please state all filesystem settings. How were they created and with what parameters?
Please provide exact directory listings of any files involved.
Please post precise commands typed or provide crontab details.
Please state any error messages precisely.
Please provide detail of an example copy which works.
Please post the output from unix command "ulimit -a" for the user concerned. Are you "root"?

I have seen many examples of problems with files above 2Gb but never with 4 Gb. Does it work for say 3 Gb?
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Old 05-03-2010
Sorry for the vague description.
I'm a JAVA developer who has just been pushed into the world of Shell Scripting.

But it turns-out the issue was a lack of space on the NAS.
I spoke to some other people who were wasting space on the NAS and they've cleaned-up their code and removed some old archived files.

Thanks for your really fast responses.


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