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Upload files from desktop to unix through FTP

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Upload files from desktop to unix through FTP
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Upload files from desktop to unix through FTP

Hi ,
I want to upload some files from my desktop to unix server through FTP . The list of files are in a text file .Please suggest how to do it through scrip .

Thanks in advance ..
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What about telling what OS your desktop runs ?
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Originally Posted by jlliagre
What about telling what OS your desktop runs ?
Hi jlliagre,

My desktop is running on windows xp.

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There are 1001 ftp clients for windows. Search a bit yourself maybe if there is one that can work a list or write a dos batch that will do that.
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Hi Zaxxon ,

Through ftp client that can be done easily . But I want a script which will run on the unix server , and will copy files from my desktop running in windows and will paste the file in a directory of that unix server .

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If you want to copy files from Desktop (Windows XP), you need FTP server running on your desktop (Windows XP machine). Do you have that?

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Originally Posted by bsnithin

If you want to copy files from Desktop (Windows XP), you need FTP server running on your desktop (Windows XP machine). Do you have that?


No I don't have that . Smilie
any other way I can copy the file from windows to unix ?


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