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using curl in a script

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using curl in a script

Hello everyone

I'm currently using a script to upload files (different file names, but same date) to an ftp server (see below)


# Set the variables

ftp -i -n $HOST <<END_SCRIPT 
user ${USER} ${PASSWD}
mput cbl_client_interface_${DATE}.csv

exit 0

Now I've been given the task to use the "ftps" protocol to upload the files. I've been advised to use the "curl" utility.

It is possible to use curl with ftps to transfer files like in the example above?

P.S. I'm using Solaris 10

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installsieve - user utility for managing sieve scripts SYNOPSIS
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-v <name> View script with the given name. The script if retrieved sucessfully is output to standard output. -l List all of the scripts currently on the server. If one of the scripts is active a arrow is printed indicating that it is the active script. -p <port> Port to connect to. If left off this defaults to "sieve" as defined in /etc/services. -i <file> Install a file onto the server. If a script with the same name already exists on the server it is overwritten. Upon sucessfully putting the script on the server the script is set active. If <file> has the extension .script it is chopped when put on the server since sieve names may not contain a '.'. -a <name> Set <name> as the active script. The list of available names can be obtained from the '-l' option.. -d <name> Delete the sieve script on the server with <name>. -m <mechanism> Force installsieve to use <mechanism> for authentication. If not specified the strongest authentication mechanism is chosen. -g <name> Get the sieve script with <name> and save it to disk with a ".script" extension. If a file with that name already exists it is overwritten. -u <user> Userid/Authname to use for authentication; by default, the current user. CMU
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