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Cutting specific line of a file by checking condition

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Old 04-19-2010
Cutting specific line of a file by checking condition



  1. testfile.csv looks like above format
  2. if the second column is null then get 23rd column and store in a different varible .. add all the 23rd columns if 2nd column is null .
  3. cut the entire line if second column is null and store in another file
All the above condition should be checked for the entire file

Please help me ..
if I use below code
cat testfile | cut -d "," -f 2 > id

then all the id including "" stored in a file

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Old 04-19-2010
I don't know what you mean by "second column is null": should it contain a numerical zero ("0") or an empty string ("")? I assumed the latter and:

typeset -i iSum=0
typeset    chFlag=""
typeset    iValue=0

cat testfile.csv |\
cut -d',' -f2,23 |\
sed 's/,/ /' |\
while read chFlag iValue ; do
     if [ "$chFlag" = "\"\"" ] ; then
          eval iValue=$iValue
          (( iSum += iValue ))

print - "Sum is: $iSum"
exit 0

I hope this helps.


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